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From the basic questions to motorcycle delivery and beyond, at Unico Moto our team works hard to ensure a unique ownership experience.


"Our goal is make the ownership and the experience of customizing a motorcycle more attainable to anyone who desires a

unique machine"


Our latest release the Unico Stealth is a one of kind build and now is currently available for acquisition. Recently featured on renowned motorcycle blog Pipe-burn our build has received the attention and recognition from motorcycle lovers and Ducatistas from all around the world.  VIEW FULL ARTICLE ON PIPE-BURN


Behind the Build

Our initial build idea for the Unico Stealth was to maintain a retro/modern approach while incorporating a raw and industrial look by using materials, colors and choices which would represent that. We knew from the beginning we would be using Satin Black as our main color, from that initial choice, we designed and chose the elements that would best contrast and showcase around the stealth satin paint job. We started by stripping our original 2007 Ducati Monster S4R Testastretta down to the frame, from there we started the the build process.


Engine work: 

Engine repainted and refinished.

Clutch plate and springs replaced with aftermarket kit.

Ducabike clutch cover, customized to satin black to match bike 

Open belt cover with refinished surrounding areas for clean look.

Custom breather filter

Battery and ECU relocation

Custom built dual filter intake system

ECU tuning module 


Frame Work: 

Cutting the frame from center back to rebuild it to fit our custom tail and seat. All frame work done in stainless steel using the same tubular specks and materials as the OEM sizes. We built a new rear frame which runs under the seat to support our custom UNICO MOTO tail and suede seat design. Custom tabs on the frame were added to hold our UNICO custom stainless steel speed grills. These start with a hand built tubular frame which holds stainless steel perforated grills. The Grills are molded following the natural design of the tank and frame contour and are a two piece accessory which mounts to the frame of the bike. This not only adds to the look to the bike but also functionality, being practically a see-through part this allows us to see the beauty of the motorcycle engine's open belts while protecting the rider from any contact during riding. 


Front Forks and Tree:

Upgrade triple tree from Speedy moto

Adjustable clip on handlebars by Woodcraft 

Domino GP1 racing grips 

Upgraded racing adjustable short brake and clutch levers 

Upgraded CNC brake and clutch reservoirs 

Upgraded front fork springs for a lower front end positing.

Hand painted brake calipers and detailed

Upgraded LED lighting 

Custom intake filter plate with minimal indicator lighting

Custom end bar mirrors and turn signal lights 

Custom made UNICO MOTO blade style front fender, hand built with minimal tubular frame hardware and powder coated flat back 


Tank and Tail:

Our tank and tail combo incorporates a tank from a Ducati 749 custom mounted to new brackets on the frame along with a middle bridge. The tank also has a CNC gas cap. The tail design borrows lines and inspiration from the new tank and it perfectly contours the tank along with a very comfortable suede seat with red stitching. The tail also incorporates all LED lights that are sleek yet bright to meet street legal standards.


Foot Controls:

OEM foot controls were rebuilt, upgraded and customized with a new paint job, cnc break reservoirs, new parts and Custom carbon fiber heel guards for a modern look and better functionality due to the new more aggressive seating position. 



The OEM Swingarm got a new paint job in flat black to match the color scheme and received a new powder coated sprocket, chain and chain guard along with other upgraded parts which add to the look of the rear end.


Tires and a Wheels 

Wheels are OEM Forged Marchesini wheels with a new gloss black paint job in order to contrast the flat black tail and tank of the bike. We then wrapped them with Perelli Racing tires for a great ride and grip.


Exhaust System

Our approach to this exhaust was to use the space already designed for it but to push the limits when it came to sizing and output while keeping everything tucked under the engine. We wanted the side and rear end of this build to be fully exposed, taking a box style approach to the exhaust system and cutting the pipes at an aggressive angle giving this exhaust a different look from every position that you look at it from.



To finish off the build we also added a carbon fiber rear fender along with custom-made decals in flat black, flat grey and metallic finishes to accentuate the UNICO MOTO and the unforgettable Ducati Brand legacy which holds so much appreciation and passion all around the world. 

For full ownership information please click the button below.


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